Sure Ways of Making ‘Reading Books’ a Habit

Sure Ways of Making ‘Reading Books’ a Habit

  1. Reading books lets you see the world in an entirely different perspective through the author's eyes. Books open a window to the world which is looked at by somebody with a completely different and fresh point of view. Books help you make informed opinions on various issues that concern the world and us.

  2. Reading books gives the depth of knowledge and comes in very handy when you want to engage in a discussion. your argument will have gravity, reason, and logic which will help you make a positive impression.

  3. Reading books helps you make a very positive impression, especially when you quote either a book or its contents while having a discussion. We always find someone who quotes something from books, scriptures, research papers, or journals, in terms of facts, figures, quotes, poems, or mantras, very erudite and learned, and have renewed respect for them.

  4. Reading books is one amazing hobby, and once you get hooked, you won't feel lonely and miss anyone's company. In fact, you would look for opportunities to be alone so that you can pick up from where you had left. Books are an amazing company and your best friend.



If that is so, then why don't people read books. That's because:



They find books boring:


This one reason is so prominent and widespread. So very often we hear people saying that reading makes them sleepy and dull. And this is exactly the association they have with books, something we need to address if we seriously want to pick this hobby up. People, somehow, can't comprehend as to how could those, who read books, find them interesting. Sometimes, just the size and the sheer thickness of the book, deter them to pick up and read.



A wrong choice of books:


Then, sometimes, some do start reading a book but lose interest very shortly and give up reading. The reason, I very often feel, is the type of book they pick up when they start reading. We all want to be seen reading something serious, something that will make people impressed, however, when we pick up a serious book, while we are still in the process of making a habit, the whole association, that books are boring, becomes reinforced.



What is then, the solution - now here I am suggesting some sure ways of making reading a habit. What I ask is to just follow the suggestions below with a small amount of commitment.

Make the right choice:


So many people, the moment they decide on reading something, pick up books that are complex in nature and hence they start reading but dump them very soon, so often, just after reading the initial few pages. And if this process is repeated, the association that books are boring strengthens. To change this, we need to pick up books that are interesting; such as crime and suspense novels, interesting storybooks, or even comics. This will alter their earlier association about books as books being interesting and fun. Once this change in the perception happens, half of the battle is won.



Make a commitment to yourself:


Make a commitment to yourself that if you pick up a book to read, after having chosen it wisely, you would not put it down, however boring you may find it to be initially, before reading at least the first 30 pages. Most often than not, if you have read the first 30 pages, you would continue the book and may develop an interest in it.



Fix a time every day:


Set a fixed time and read at least a few pages, every day, at that same time. Now, setting a fixed time, in this busy schedule of ours, may not be all that convenient, I would still suggest that if you make a schedule of reading, where you would at least read for 5 to 10 minutes every day, reading would become gradually a part of your routine. The best time, in my opinion, would be the time before you go to sleep. Just make a vow that you would read at least for 5 to 10 minutes before you go to sleep. This initial 5 to 10 minutes will surely get extended once you start getting interested in reading. And, voila!! reading has become a habit of yours!!


Happy reading!!!

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