Learning is Important – Not How

Learning is Important – Not How

Last year and the current year have been disastrous when it comes to learning and academics. The Covid 19 pandemic has put all plans on hold and disrupted our lives in an unprecedented manner.


The level of uncertainty is so high that we are literally standing still when it comes to taking any action that is associated with our plans for the future.


However, my friends, this is the time we should come out of our stupor and change this debilitating and limiting thinking which is nothing but flawed. I shall put my thoughts in pointers for easy reading and immediate comprehension.


The crisis is temporary


Nothing remains the same. History teaches us how humanity in the past went through a major crisis in terms of the pandemic, world war, famine, cold war, etc, and how it bounced back to normalcy. This is exactly what will happen with this pandemic too. We would surely get back to our usual lives and the hardship will become just a faint memory.


The world will still remain as competitive as ever


Don’t you ever think that when the world comes back to normalcy, there would be more compassion and thoughtfulness in society? No way! It will get to its normal mode of “the survival of the fittest”. Limited resources and increased requirements of jobs/admissions in institutions will require greater preparedness on your part.


The pressure on opportunities would be greater


 Since life was at a standstill with all sorts of uncertainties, a lot of young people have postponed their plans of either taking admission into an institution, appearing in competitive exams, or seeking career opportunities. However, all these activities would resume the moment the world opens up with a high level of competition. Some even predict that the level of competition would be way higher than what it is in normal circumstances.


Precious time would be lost


We all get carried away with popular emotions. I believe, you too would have gotten affected and have either stopped all your learnings or at least have become more relaxed. The urgency has literally gone from our lives, purely because of this ample time we suddenly have at our disposal. But, beware, my friends, time is fleeting, and once this gets over, you would but regret not having utilized it properly.


We want what is not there


Another emotion that affects learning is the most common one- we constantly desire what is not available to us. Rather than making use of the opportunities that are in front, we have the tendency of aspiring, seeking, and demanding something that is not there with us. This tendency later becomes a habit and subsequently a permanent excuse of not taking any action.


 Let me explain this with my own experience. When everything was open and we were not restricted at home, because of any lockdown, a lot of students used to ask for online classes and postponed their learning for want of one, and now, with a plethora of online options available, learners are looking for offline classes and again postponing their learning.


What is the message!!


My whole purpose of writing this blog is to bring you back to the reality, which is, that every crisis, such as this Covid 19 that we are battling with, would eventually come to an end, and once that happens the world will get back to its competitive nature. We should be ready for that time and do the following:


Learn and improve yourself for the coming competitiveness without being choosy about the medium whether online or offline. Believe me, if your desire to learning and upgrading yourself is strong, you would not mind taking help from any quarters; be it online/offline classes, personal tutoring, or communitive learning. Keep the primary objective very clear- which is learning.

This is the best time to acquire skills and competencies as the best of trainers, who otherwise were out of our reach earlier, are online taking sessions and training people. Grab this opportunity and learn from the best.

Purely because of this abundance of trainers online and a plethora of training classes and courses that are available, a lot of high-quality courses are being offered at very affordable costs. This in-fact, is the best time for picking up skills and upgrading yourself.

We all have extra time at our disposal since our schools/colleges are closed because of the Covid 19 lockdown. Don’t, my friends, let go waste this time and the opportunities that you have. Look at this as an opportunity and get an edge over your competitors, when they are doing exactly what everybody is, wasting time and waiting for a change in the situation.

This is the time to do multiple things and pick up different skills, such as improving your written and spoken language, making your vocabulary richer. Learning music or picking up an instrument, becoming a better public orator, improving health and so on and so forth.

The opportunities are galore, but the question is - Are you ready with the right mindset to exploit them, or are you just sitting-brooding and wasting your time? The choice is really yours!! My advice is just get up, brace yourself and start taking action, this current crisis may turn out to be an opportunity. You never know!!

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Anu Jain

Remarkable, an eye opening article

Prashant Kumar Dubey



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Prashant Kumar Dubey

Thank you!

Prashant Kumar Dubey

Thanks a lot!

Prashant Kumar Dubey

Thanks for your time and interest. the idea of the blog is to help people improve and grow and so far your opinions help them do so they are welcome.

Prashant Kumar Dubey

Thanks for your time and interest. Any idea that helps our readers to improve and grow is welcome.


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