Get 10 Cool Jobs Only By Knowing Good English

Get 10 Cool Jobs Only By Knowing Good English



The days are gone when we had limited choices of career, which traditionally were to either become a doctor, an engineer or join two broad categories of job sectors, i.e., the Government or Private.


The opening of the world, connecting through the internet, and availability of marketing platforms, open up varied opportunities with equally varied skill sets.


However, the ability to communicate in English is one skill that can open plenty of opportunities for you and get you a job in spite of not possessing any other specific skill sets.


I wish to list out career options that you can opt for if you are just good at reading, writing and speaking English.



Front Office Management


Every big organization/ company has two ways of getting in touch: the first is through phone calls, which incidentally has reduced significantly with the advent of mobile phones and the second is through a personal visit.


In either way, you eventually talk to a person. This first contact is the reception front office managers.


Every company needs somebody who can receive such visitors and calls befitting the company’s reputation and is looking for somebody who has a pleasant demeanour and a polished way of talking.


Your English proficiency can come in handy here and get you a job.


Note: - An office management course even of a certificate level could be of additional value. Consider the following:



P R Executive


A company of repute has a need to be represented properly on all platforms, forums, and interest groups. A wrong post or an inappropriate tweet or comment or an ad, which is not in sync with people’s opinion or point of view can cost them heavily. We have seen examples of such errors where a company had to extend its apology for hurting people’s sentiments through an inappropriate ad.


This highly sensitive and volatile opinion scenario demands P.R. (Personal Relation) professionals constantly planning, forecasting, and fine-tuning all written and verbal communication and this is where good communication skills in English can not only get you a job but can make you an important person too.


P.R. is a rewarding career provided you have command over English and preferable a small course on PR, to give you a basic understanding. You may join a PR course which is of high repute in the job market.


Medical & Legal Transcription


Becoming a medical or legal transcriber has now become extremely easy. A doctor, a lawyer, or any other professional, working in a sector where his or her opinion is valuable, doesn’t have the time to write things down himself/ herself. For that, they need somebody who can take things down for them in writing. The olden days had the requirement of knowing shorthand as a prerequisite, however, the advent of technology has changed that completely. The professionals now record their dictation and send it to transcribers such as you, who then listen to them and convert them into text.


The whole process will become more comfortable to you, if you wish to make this as a starting career, if you do a small online course on any legal or medical terminology, as knowing the language, expressions, and jargons, prevalent in that field will make working Simpler.



Language Assistant with Newspaper, Publishing Houses, Online Material Creator


A language assistant is much in need and is an excellent choice as a start. The prerequisite to become a language assistant is a good understanding of grammar, the ability to spot errors in writing and a flair for creative writing.


If pursued in right earnest, a language assistant is a good beginning for you, if you want to be recognized as an author and make writing, content creation, or blogging a career.


Besides, being a good start, the job will let you read the work of various and varied authors and would enrich your knowledge in general and understanding of the publishing world in particular.


You can subscribe to the following courses on improving your grammar, content writing or blogging, translator, interpreter, customer service, online content creator, etc.







Translator and Interpreter


There is always a job opening with local newspapers and publishing houses for those who can translate scripts from English to local languages and vice versa.


The requirements again are the same, command over the language, rich vocabulary, and the ability to spot grammatical errors.


If you meet these requirements, there are always opportunities for you. Moreover, besides a beginning in career, such jobs can provide you platforms to launch yourself as a journalist, which is a highly rewarding career, provided you simultaneously do a course on journalism.


A short online course with reasonable acceptance is a good start.



Become a Journalist


This is one career option which I recommend to a lot of young people, who are good at language.


You, however, need to be excellent not in English but should also have an understanding and knowledge about the social and political scenario.


If you have an interest in reading about history, polity, and politics in general or have even prepared for some competitive exams where general knowledge was one subject, then you can give it a thought.


This career option is very competitive but equally rewarding. A course in journalism is highly recommended.


Call Center/ Customer Care Executive


An obvious first choice would be a career for those who have very good interpersonal communication skills and can speak good English. You can make a career as a call center executive, if you are a plain graduate but meet the criteria.


This option of career had fallen off the choice, but with COVID-19 and limited physical interaction with customers, almost all companies of reckoning have their own call centres providing service to their customers.  


Good and well-established companies provide a lot of learning while earning, besides giving opportunities to grow within the organization.


Call center jobs


Become a Medical Representative


If you happen to be a science graduate and are good at speaking English, this one particular job option should be your first choice.


By becoming a representative of a pharmaceutical company, your job is to meet doctors, health care specialists and tell them about your company, products, any innovation that has taken place in the company, and about new products.


The job requires you to meet highly educated professionals and hence, good communication skills are an important pre-requisite. The career is highly rewarding too and can make you reach top positions in the company.


There is a nice online course on becoming an MR which I recommend.


Content Creator for Digital Marketing


These two new work opportunities have come up, thanks to a sudden spread of internet and social networking platforms.


Because of their tremendous reach to people these platforms have become the most professional medium of advertising.


There are a lot of professionals who are good at the technical aspects of digital marketing, however, a content creator requires a good command over English, creativity, and a flair for writing. Digital marketing companies are constantly looking for talents in this area and if you are good at language then this is one rewarding profession you can consider for yourself.


There are plenty of courses available on content creation and creative writing, some I suggest below:




This is one more unique opportunity that the advent of the internet provides, provided you are good at writing in English.


A ghostwriter is hired by clients to create content such as articles, books, blogs, posts, or speeches, where the content he/she creates belongs to the client, however, the writer is paid well.


Consider this as one profession which can help you earn online and make a career.


See the link to know more about a ghostwriter.


You can thus see that just gaining proficiency in the English language can open up so many opportunities for you irrespective of what your educational qualification is.


This is why I recommend every student to put efforts into making his/her English communication strong.


Click the link to know the courses that we offer to learn English.

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