A Little Secret To Get Big Success

A Little Secret To Get Big Success

Do you wish to know about a very subtle, but sure process of becoming successful in life? If the answer is yes! Then read on!!


Before I move on to share with you this amazing, but sure way of achieving success and living a fulfilling life, let me put forth some situations that I am sure you would relate to. Just look at them


1. Do you regularly admire those who are better than you in terms of skills, knowledge, and insights on a subject that even you know, skills that you possess, a profession that you are in?

2. Do you, at times wonder how someone has gained such knowledge, understanding, and high-level skills, which you when you wish to reach the same level, find almost unachievable?

3. Do you get awed by someone’s ability to quote important sayings, anecdotes, important dates & data, poems, rules-regulations, or anything that gives weightage credibility, and authority to their arguments?

4. Do you sometimes observe that people such as sportspersons, skill-based workers, artists, etc. are so skilful and dexterous that it becomes awe-inspiring, watching them perform?

5. Do you also look at somebody and admire their communication skills and vocabulary that they use, which make them sound very impressive and appealing?

6. Do you sometimes wonder how to get an edge over others, when all around you the competition is so tough and everyone is putting efforts to win over you?


If the answer to any of these questions comes “yes”, then you have something to gain here; gain a strategy that can help you have the same level of skills and an impressive personality that you wish for.


A disclaimer though, but before I let you know how we can achieve any or all of the above, I want to reiterate, knowing fully well, that you too are aware of, the importance of hard work and commitment. Thus, the attempt here is not to replace hard work and commitment with some unique magical method that will make you successful. Nay!! But to give you a system that will help you gain an edge over others and let you constantly grow and evolve all throughout your life!!


So, what is this secret method of success that I am talking about: well! It is a simple system of: -


Constant little improvement!!


Let us unpack this little phrase by discussing the two important words ‘constant’ and ‘little’ to unravel their magic.


Constant Improvement:


If you are one of those who have the desire to grow and improve upon your skills, knowledge level, and competency and also have role models to emulate and reach to their level, but, at the same time find the entire task too humongous and unachievable, then you need to understand this concept of 'constant improvement' well.


There is no instant improvement:


Nobody, however competent he or she may be, reaches the level of expertise instantly but reaches there gradually and steadily.


Making a vow of constant improvements:


Similarly, however high your goal may be, you would too, reach there provided you make a vow to constantly work towards it, by just making it realistic and committing to it.


Nature has a way of growing where everything grows at a gradual pace, you would find a tree growing in bursts, and spurts but very gradually, however constantly.


Constant improvement is the key:


Make some efforts every day, not in bursts but every day. There is no point working too hard one day and then become relaxed for the next few. The improvement will never happen and even if you feel you are improving, it would be of a transient nature and temporary, resulting in a sheer waste of effort.


You can understand the importance of working on a constant basis, by observing bodybuilders or sportspersons, or endurance enthusiasts, since they all work every day and are very particular about their regular uninterrupted routine. Constant regular efforts hence, are the magic wand that may make wonders.


A Little Improvement:


We all understand that once we break a big task into small ones and then attempt to complete them one by one, eventually the main task, however, big it may be, gets accomplished.


Similarly, when you aim for a big improvement, what you need to do is to make a little improvement every day. When I say, a little means very little. Let’s look at a few examples to get a clearer picture:


Example: If you are a student and realize that you need a richer vocabulary either to pass any competitive exams, i.e., IELTS, SAT, etc. or just need to improve the quality of your communication, then by learning 20 words one day and then not doing anything for the next 20 days, wouldn’t give you the results you desire. Whereas, if you just add one word every day which is the minimum, but thoroughly and practise it into your vocabulary, there would be a constant improvement and you would add 20 words by the end of 20 days. Just understand these words would come to you whenever you need them while speaking or writing since you have learned and practiced them quite thoroughly.


The other example could be of improving knowledge of a subject, awareness about the surrounding, stamina building, and gaining mastery over a skill.


The idea basically is that a little improvement, however, small and insignificant, over a longer period would bring far greater results than what you would have expected.


Finally, combine constant and a little to get our magical phrase i.e., “Constant little improvement!!”


It should be, by now, obvious that if we can combine these two concepts of, working constantly with a little improvement every day, the results would far outweigh the efforts that you would have put in. You can say the idea would work like “compound interest” and give you endless dividends.


You must, thus, identify all those aspects of your life which need improvement and then start putting a little, but constant efforts and you would see for yourself how all your dreams and ambitions get fulfilled.!!

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