Course Summary

EDGE: The Edge course takes you towards some advanced aspects of the language. A variety of interactive sessions and rigorous practice will give you new confidence. This course rounds off your linguistic skills with practice of all those essential aspects of the English language, without which your linguistic skills lack accuracy and eloquence.  Duration - 3 months.


COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH: If you have been using English for communication, but feel that your English lacks social ease, or if your communicative skills need focusing and sharpening, then this is the right course for you. with a strong emphasis on oral skills: pronunciation, clarity, and fluency, this course will lead you towards English that is idiomatic,  vivid and imbued with the self-confidence you need. Duration: 2 months.

Course Features

  • Duration - 3 Months
  • Class Duration : 1 Hour
  • Days in a Week : 5