Duration – 4.5 Months

Our Pre-intermediate level course will initiate you to a thorough-going approach to English language. The course lays special emphasis on boosting your skills at public speaking, correct spellings, pronunciation and fluency.

  • For students who wish to recover their knowledge of English after years of disuse.
  • Get the first introduction to the correct usage of English.
  • Learn English for practical everyday use.
  • Have quick access to useful vocabulary
  • Regain your confidence
Duration – 2 Months
  • Covers vast area- basic tense forms, subject and object pronouns, prepositions, the use of the apostrophe & possessive adjectives. 

  • The comparative and superlative degrees, the formation of questions and the usages of determiners. 

  • Tenses in higher forms, you will study adjective and adverbs

  • Spread over 72 hours of multimedia class room teaching.

Duration – 2 Months

This final level of English learning at Strides rounds off your linguistic skills with practice of all those essential aspects of English language, without which your linguistic skills lack accuracy and eloquence. If you have been using English for communication, but need polishing, then this is the right course for you. With a strong emphasis on oral skills: pronunciation, clarity and fluency, this course will lead you towards English that is idiomatic, vivid and impressive.

Duration – 1.5 Months ( Or Need Base)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an examination which is compulsory if you are planning to emigrate, work or study abroad. IELTS tests the complete range of Language skills that are needed in English speaking environments. Our course will just do that; prepare you for the IELTS examination through expert guidance and extensive practice. Our IELTS course aims to help you achieve high scores.

Duration – 15- 18 Days

Guidance for written test like CDS,AFCAT,NDA.

Psychometric testing for potential officers.

Course offers essentials of Communication skills.